Properly maintaining your car can save you time , money , and a lot of frustration.belts

Certain parts need to be replaced to keep your car running smoothly and some parts need to be checked at certain mileage intervals to keep you safe on the road.

Most car manufactures have set a time to inspect parts of your car. You most likely have heard the term 30k , 60k , 90k service and so on. The reason for those intervals is certain filters, fluids, and  other parts need to be replaced at that time.

Maintenance services offered at Maximum Automotive

1. Oil change – We offer Valvoline oils conventional or synthetic with Valvoline filters, Mobile one is also available.
2. Transmission fluid flush – We use Valvoline Maxlife transmission fluid most cars
3. Transmission filter and gasket – We use NAPA premium filters 
4. Coolant / Antifreeze flush – We use Peak Global antifreeze
5. Timing belts – We use Gates belts and hoses
6. Tune-ups – We have every type of spark plugs made but will recommend the same you car was equipped with
7. Brakes – We recommend UP pads from NAPA on most car
8. Filters
9. Scheduled maintenance services
10. Alignments

If you have been to fast lube shop they most likely have tried to sell you an air filter or something like that every time your in there, that’s fine if you need it but what they don’t check can matter a lot. Your new air filter will not keep you car from overheating because of a coolant leak or a locked up engine from a oil leak. A lot of fast lube shops don’t even mention this type of thing to customers because they do not fix these things and its on to the next car. Having a full service repair shop like ours maintaining your car will save you money in the long run. 


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