Emission Repairs


We all like to take the time out of our day to get our emissions test done on our car right. Ok maybe not but there is something even more annoying…

Failing it. If your check engine light is on your car will not pass the emissions test. If you receive your test letter and your lights on or have already failed it’s time to come see us.

We have the latest Snap-on diagnostic equipment with the newest updates and our whole team has years of experience with diagnosing emission failures. Anyone can pull the codes but the code is only there to tell you what system is having a problem not to just change the part for example if you have a code for a mass air flow sensor it does not necessarily mean your mass air flow sensor is bad it might  be:

1. Not getting power
2. Bad ground
3. Clogged air filter
4. Vacuum leaks

Or a number of other things causing the code

This was just one example of things we see misdiagnosed all the time. That type of sensor can be expensive and once you bought it there is no returning it.

So don’t waste money on parts you do not need have us diagnose you car right the first time.

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