A vehicle that isn’t aligned properly is the number one cause of excessive tire wear. There are many contributing factors such as:

Pot holes
Worn suspension components
Worn steering components
Automotive accidents
Hitting curbs

Even age of vehicle will cause spring sag

How your vehicle is aligned can greatly increase or decrease your tire life. Determining when your vehicle should be aligned is not always easy, because tires can wear unevenly even if your vehicle feels like it driving straight.  A good way to tell if  your vehicle needs an alignment is by driving on a good flat road, and see if the vehicle drifts or pulls in either direction with the steering wheel centered.

We recommend having your vehicle aligned for the following reasons:

1. Excessive tire wear
2. Pulling or drifting
3. Off set steering wheel
4. After any accident
5. Hitting curbs or pot holes

Anytime you replace tires aligner

Our alignment equipment is state of the art. Our technicians are the best of the best when it comes to any steering or suspension work. Many shops in the area, including dealers, and body shops trust us to align their vehicles, and their customers vehicles.

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